Temperatures around Philadelphia have plummeted in the last few days creating a feeling that winter has almost instantaneously arrived. One recurring visual representation of the sudden transition is a frozen Swann Memorial Fountain, looking like it forgot to check the weather report over the last few days. The Swann Fountain freeze has been well documented, popping up in numerous Facebook, Instagram and news feeds around the region. Newsworks even published a feature explaining the freeze here. We dug through the George D. McDowell, Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photographs to provide some ‘pre-social media’ views of freezes past. Stay warm/dry and enjoy!

Top to bottom:

"Unseasonable cold weather provided unusual view of fountain on Logan Circle before the water was turned off for winter." November 21, 1976.

Fountain at Logan Circle completely frozen. 1937.

"Another Striking View of the Fountain, also looking toward City Hall, the high tower of which looms against a wintry sky. Philadelphia probably has no more striking ice-picture than its frozen Parkway fountain." December 29, 1925.

From the George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph collection, Temple University.

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